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About The First Forty Days



The First Forty Days was inspired by the gap in the wellness industry for women's health following the birth of their babies. We recognize that newborns are showered with care, gifts, support, and attention; while mothers are slipping through the cracks. The lack of physical, spiritual, and emotional support for new moms increases postpartum depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. Our heart is to provide holistic care to mothers during the crucial first 40 days after their precious baby is born and beyond. We provide physical care through organic herbs for medicinal support as well as Certified Postpartum Doula care to support mothers in all areas. Our care includes meals, child watch, chores, and other support the mother may need so she can focus on caring for her newborn without the added stresses of life. 


Meet LaRay
Certified Postpartum Doula, Owner of The First Forty Days

LaRay, a Certified Postpartum Doula, is the owner and inspiration behind The First Forty Days Certified Postpartum. Her tender heart for postpartum mother's stems from her own traumatic postpartum experience.

A note from LaRay:

I am so glad you found my site! My hope is for you to be uplifted, inspired, and to know you're not alone

My name is LaRay! I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful little girls. I am also a registered nurse. My story goes a little like this.. I planned, studied, and prepared for an all-natural hospital birth with my first, which quickly turned into an emergency c-section and deep postpartum depression. As someone who had never struggled with depression or anxiety, this hit me out of nowhere! I struggled for roughly 9 months before I got help and by the grace of God I was able to overcome the darkness I was in. 

My second labor and delivery was night and day different. An uninterrupted labor and a successful VBAC was incredibly healing in itself.

I have seen first-hand the lack of care for mothers. The immense lack of education surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is disappointing as we, mothers, are the center of our homes and therefore the center of society. It is my hope through First Forty Days to provide mothers with the resources and tools they need to promote a healthy, healing, and abundant postpartum season. 


My heart is for you, mothers

I look forward to helping you thrive


Let’s Work Together

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