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Certified Postpartum Doula Care

LaRay received her certification through Childbirth International and her nursing degree through Allen College. LaRay has been serving hospitals, long term care facilities, and homes since 2016. She has a desire to move her focus to serving women and mothers as she can relate in depth to the ever changing seasons they go through.

First Forty Days focuses on mothering the mother without biased thoughts/comments or the feeling of burdening anyone. 

New mothers may think they know what they will need, but hiring a doula ensures they will get the care they need. We are there to lessen the load for the new mothers. Mothers are incredible and wear so many hats, our job is to allow them to deeply nourish themselves and their new baby, while the rest is cared for by us.

What we do for you

Caring for YOU -

It can even seem daunting to do simple cares for yourself as a new mom. Showering, sitz bathing, eating, and napping are all basic needs that need to be met. We are there to ensure that you are well taken care of during our time spent with you and are equipped to care for yourself when we leave. We are trained to care for newborns while you take a much needed nap, shower, and do things you need to feel refreshed and ready to care for another. 

Caring for your home -

It can be overwhelming to complete all of the daily tasks to keep your house running smoothly even without a newborn. We are available to serve you and your family by doing loads of laundry, light housekeeping, washing bottles/dishes/pump parts properly. 

We are able to help with meal prepping, warming food/cooking food for you and your family, picking up groceries or needed necessities.  

Support & education

Sometimes the most helpful thing a new mother may need is a listening ear and a warm body. The days postpartum can feel isolating and lonely as you have stepped into a brand new role. We are a nonjudgmental listening ear there so you can feel supported and heard. 

We are also educated and trained for many questions you may have regarding yourself or your newborn. Breastfeeding & positions, nipple health, newborn health, healing, and nutrition is a short list of things we are educated to help you navigate!

Herbal teas & recipes

We offer healing blends of teas here at First Forty Days to best support your body and give it the micronutrients needed to thrive and heal well. 

Mother Holding Baby
"LaRay did a wonderful job listening to my needs and helping out with running errands, grabbing groceries, doing laundry, cleaning and so much more. My kids, husband, and myself felt relief when we knew she was coming. Her presence is calm snd her demeanor cheerful as she selflessly did the undesirable chores around our house. I highly recommend LaRay and her services to anyone wanting a more relaxed and cheerful postpartum period."

-Keela Moats

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