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The First Forty Days

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Welcome to
The First Forty Days

Holistic Care for Mothers in their First Forty Days postpartum.

Our goal is to build up thriving mothers physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

We focus on dense nutrition and healing herbs while our mission is to rewrite the postpartum narrative to empower women to more than survive, but thrive as they emerge into Mother.

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Organic Healing Herbs

Did you know mothers give their babies the majority of their own mineral supply during pregnancy?

Minerals are a KEY part in healing, mood, and energy; which can all drastically impact the postpartum period. 

Herbal teas are a perfect way to replenish mom’s minerals, electrolytes, add hydration and support her body’s natural healing after childbirth!

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Certified Postpartum Doula Help + Education

If we could define the most important part in a woman’s postpartum period, it would be the support she has. 

Certified and Trained to serve new mom’s in any way they may need.

We come take away extra responsibilities so new mothers are able to focus on themselves, their baby, rest, & healing. 

This makes a great baby shower gift or a gift from friends and family who are too far to provide support. 

Essential Items

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